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Site Updates



Update to add links to the Sunward Bound eBook and the Sunward Bound pages. Updated the Books section to include the two novels.


Update to add links to the Jupiter Bound trade paperback off the main and Jupiter Bound pages.



Update to my home page to add publishing information for Jupiter Bound, plus pages for it.  Updates to the future history section to show what's now considered "canon".



 Update to my home page, stories and links to add link to my Amazon Author Page.



 Update to my home page and links to provide links to Sailing the Sky Sea Amazon and Kobo.



 Update to my home page, links and and various section pages, including the shell of my site.



Mostly an Artwork page update.  I'm also beginning a revision of my future history.  And I want to draw attention to the fact I finally won the Writers of the Future Contest, so I've updated text in the stories and books sections. 



 Artwork page update only.  Hey, if you want to purchase some prints, try my Zazzle store.


I've been neglectful of this page.  Wrote a novel last year and that took much of my free time.  But I managed another three dozen pictures for my Artwork page.  I've also uploaded pictures from last summer's vacation to London and various parts of Norway.


I've added more new Artwork and done some editing and additions to my future history section.  Plus, since we're now back to being a two cat family, I updated my cat page, including a little memorial picture for Dee-Dee.


It's another day for fireworks (was my birthday really 43 years ago???).  Anyway, I didn't do a good job with the more frequent updates, but here's seventeen new pictures in  Artwork section.


Happy blow-stuff-up-day! (wow, was the bicentennial 31 years ago already?).  This long overdue update concentrates mostly on my Artwork section, with two dozen new images and a little bit of rework to art intro page.  I also wrote a new intro for the Future History section and added an article on the Martian Imperial Marine Guard (admittedly, probably of interest to a very small demographic).  That article and other minor Future History tweaks are listed in that section's update history.  I also added a short story and a picture to my stories section, an updated work document resume and a new link.  That about covers it.  It took a long time to do the art section, so I'll try to update this site more frequently in the future.


Mostly art, but some future history stuff in this update.  There are thirty new images in my Artwork section.  In the Future History section there are new articles on the Coman and Lagrush races and the Fzuki Way religion, plus various edits and tweaks as noted in that section's update history.  There are also a few updated links, mostly to toot my own horn.


Another primarily art update.  Nineteen new images in the Artwork section this time.  One of them, Ringside View, is scheduled to be the feature art on the SCI FI weekly website for the week of August 28th.  I've also updated my short stories section, adding one story and removing the ones I'm adapting for submission.  Just some editing tweaks in the Future History section this time; I really need an editor.


Again this is primarily an art update.  Only nine new images in the Artwork section this time.  In my Future History section, the only substantive update is a redesign (or at least some renaming) and editing of my Technologies section.  Even if you don't read all (or any) of the articles, the overview on the index page should give you a general background of my past and future technology Age system.  Since I renamed many of the Eras and some of the Ages, there are a lot of anachronisms in many articles and chronologies that I'll have to deal with over time.  Lastly, for what it's worth, this date is the twentieth anniversary of my American citizenship.


This is primarily an art update.  There are eighteen (18!) new renderings in the Artwork section (okay, so some are multiple view or takes on the same scene, but there are over a dozen unique art projects behind them).  I've also made some updates to my future history section, including an article on the Colonial War and a new alien article, covering the Quadron.  All future history updates are listed here.


It's about time I updated this site.  I've spent much of my free time working on my novel and short stories destined for publication.  On advice, I've decided not to post any stories I intend to publish on this site. I've included six new rendering in the Artwork section, one new very short story and some minor updates to the future history section.  Hopefully the next update will come along after a shorter interval.


Mostly, this is a story update, with four new short stories added, and some editing of previous offerings.  I've also tweaked the future history section a bit to include reference to the Meme War in the last chronology.  The resume section should now have a current accounting of my training.  At the suggestion of friends, I have decided to participate in the National Novel Writing Month in November, and that, plus a trip to Mexico at the beginning of November will probably occupy my time for much of the rest of the year.


The site format update is now completed, so the Artwork section should now comply with the standard.


Continuing format update.  I've completely redone the Stories, Projects and Personal sections.  The Artwork section is a project for next week (and may still contain broken links), and then I can concentrate on content (or sleeping).


Format update.  Main page and update section changed to new format.  I've completely redone the Future History section, moving it from Projects to its own section off the site root.  Future History specific updates are here.  A link to the old Updates page is here.  I will update the rest of the site to the new format in the next few weeks, but I don't anticipate changing any links, other than those pointing to the future history section.  The last actual content update was 07/01/2005.

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